PLAXIS and OpenGround join Seequent, The Bentley Subsurface Company’s portfolio of geotechnical solutions

Seequent, The Bentley Subsurface Company
Published: 26 October 2022

In June 2021, Bentley Systems formally acquired Seequent, an industry leader in earth modelling, geo-data management, and team collaboration software. Seequents expertise in examining the subsurface was a perfect complement to Bentleys infrastructure engineering software, intersecting the worlds of built asset certainty above the ground with the art of understanding the complexities below it.  

Seequent has retained its brand and unique identity, operating as a standalone business unit focused on continuously improving the way the world models, analyses, and manages subsurface data for improved decision-making. As The Bentley Subsurface Company, Seequent has become the Bentley brand responsible for geological modelling, geophysics, geotechnical analysis (GA), and subsurface information management products. For this reason, were excited to announce that all Bentley geotechnical products have joined the Seequent portfolio, creating an opportunity for PLAXIS and OpenGround to be more deeply integrated with a wide selection of subsurface offerings. 

What does it mean to be a part of Seequent? 

Seequents vision is that a better understanding of the Earth creates a better world for us all. Enabling this vision means breaking down communication barriers and inefficiencies, uniting teams across the project lifecycle for improved collaboration and more accurate results.  

Bringing Bentley geotechnical solutions like PLAXIS and OpenGround under the Seequent brand will enable stronger, more connected digital workflows with other subsurface solutions, such as Leapfrog for geological modelling and Central for model management and collaboration. And, because understanding conditions below the surface is key to reducing risk above it, PLAXIS and OpenGround along with other Seequent products will continue to develop as part of workflows with Bentley solutions for the built world. 

What can PLAXIS and OpenGround users expect?

Your current user experience has not changed. Over the past year, weve been working to ensure a seamless, uninterrupted experience for users. PLAXIS, OpenGround, gINT, HoleBASE, and KeyLAB still offer the same features and capabilities you selected to meet your project needs, backed by the same trusted support and helpful resources youve come to know. 

PLAXIS and OpenGround are still exclusively sold through current Bentley channels, including Virtuosity, Bentleys eStore for Small Businesses. 

What has changed? You can expect PLAXIS and OpenGround to be more tightly aligned and connected with Seequents other subsurface solutions to provide a more integrated geotechnical workflow. 

Youll also start hearing from Seequent as your source for product-related updates and industry news. Youll notice our Bentley Geotechnical Engineering social media accounts will be getting a makeover theyll be renamed PLAXIS Geotechnical Analysis and will continue to be your go-to social media spots for PLAXIS tips and tricks, upcoming events, and geotechnical best practices.  

Weve also started new Twitter and LinkedIn accounts for OpenGround Geotechnical Information Management. Be sure to follow, especially if youre a gINT or HoleBASE user looking for the next step in your information management strategy. 

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Seequent software for geotechnical analysis and data management
With PLAXIS, GeoStudio, and OpenGround together under one brand, Seequent offers a unique and comprehensive portfolio of geotechnical solutions designed to integrate seamlessly into your project workflow.

OpenGround delivers a secure, cloud-based geotechnical information management (GIM) platform for collecting, reporting, managing, visualising, analysing, and accessing geotechnical data.

For geotechnical analysis, PLAXIS and GeoStudio offer a range of capabilities for understanding subsurface behaviour in civil, mining, energy, and environmental projects.

GeoStudio is an integrated geotechnical analysis software suite for solving geotechnical challenges in embankments, dams, open pit dewatering and stability, environmental protection, groundwater resource management, ground freezing, and climate change.

PLAXIS geotechnical analysis software provides the capabilities to solve common and complex geotechnical problems in soil and rock, including advanced analysis for excavations, foundations, and tunnels, as well as offshore geotechnics, mining, oil and gas, and reservoir geomechanics.


Data Management, Deep Excavations, Retaining Walls, Shallow Foundations, Seepage, Finite Element / Finite Difference, Slope Stability Analysis, Soil Dynamics In-Situ, Tunneling in Rock, Tunneling in Soils, Underground Structures


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