Purdue Geotechnical Society Workshop on Urban Geotechnics and 16th G.A. Leonards Lecture by Prof. Eduardo Alonso - April 27 2018

Philippe L Bourdeau
Published: 28 March 2018

The Purdue Geotechnical Society is pleased to announce the 16th edition of the Purdue Geotechnical Workshop and the 16th G.A. Leonards Lecture will take place on Friday, April 27, 2018 on the Purdue University campus in West Lafayette, Indiana.

The theme for the workshop is URBAN GEOTECHNICS. It is inspired by the subject of the Leonards Lecture on PROTECTING SENSITIVE STRUCTURES FROM TUNNELING IN URBAN ENVIRONMENTS, which will be given by Professor Eduardo Alonso, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain. For his outstanding contributions to geotechnical research, education and practice, Professor Alonso has been recognized as a leader of our profession, and we are thrilled that he has accepted our invitation to give the Leonards Lecture. The lecture, free and open to the public, will take place in the Hiler Theater at 5:00p.m.

The workshop, starting at 8:00am in the Burton Morgan Center, and for which registration is required, will consist in a full day of presentations and discussions. It will include two Keynote Lectures by Dr. Juan Pestana, of Geosyntec Consultants, who will address the role of soil behavior in the performance of urban infrastructure, and by Prof. James Lambrechts, Wentworth Institute of Technology, who will share his experience with the Boston Big Dig and other geotechnical adventures. Other eleven shorter presentations complete the program and cover a variety of exciting topics.

More detail on the Leonards Lecture, the PGS workshop program and registration form can be found on http://eng.purdue.edu/PGS and on https://twitter.com/Purdue_PGS , or by contacting Philippe Bourdeau at [email protected]




Tunneling in Rock, Tunneling in Soils, Jacked Tunnels, Soil Behavior Modeling, Deep Excavations