Connect to existing GeoWorld members

There are two ways in which you can connect with fellow GeoWorld members. Either by visiting the member's profile or by navigating the Geotechnical Business Directory.

How do I navigate to a member's profile page?

By Search, by clicking on their profile picture on various pages, by clicking on "Find members nearby" on the right sidebar on the activity page.

Sending Contact Requests

Once you have visited the profile you were looking for, you may click on the "Add Contact" button below the profile name, weather that profile is an individual, company or organization.

While navigating on the Business Directory, you may send a request on the fly by clicking on "+ Add Contact"

Once the profile owner approves your request, you will be connected. From that point on, you will be able to see their actions in your activity page.

How can I approve a contact request?

To approve a contact request visit your profile page and click on the Connections tab. To approve your peding requests, click on the "Pending Requests" tab where you can view the enrite pending requests list.