Asking Questions

As a member, you can ask questions and get answers from real experts, geoprofessionals and members of GeoWorld.
Posting a new question is pretty straightforward:
Click on “Q&A” located on the top navigation bar and click

You can also enhance the question's content by adding images, files, videos, hyperlinks and Youtube Videos.

Add images

  1. First click the image icon on the upper-right side of the question menu:
  2. Go to the upload tab and click Choose File. After that click Send it to the Server and then OK.
  3. After the image is uploaded you can, optionally, resize it.

Add Files

Click the Link icon and go to the upload tab. Once you have uploaded your file click OK.

Add Youtube videos

First click the youtube icon, paste the video's url and hit OK.

Question tags

Adding tags makes it easier for others to undestand and answer your question.
The tags can also be used to search for questions, making it easier for everyone to find questions & answers of their interest.