ALL GeoWorld members, companies, organizations are included in ONE GeoMap

GeoMap is an interactive world map presenting all members of GeoWorld by location . You can choose the way you want to view the available information! GeoMap has a fresh look and enables you to find the location of individuals, companies, news and conferences anywhere in the world!

How can I access GeoMap?

  1. Click on the “GeoMap” link located on the main, top navigation bar of any GeoWorld page
  2. You will be redirected to the GeoMap page
  3. You can click on the listing option items and choose to see what interests you


For you to be able to see the complete information about the GeoWorld members you should first login.

What Can I do?

You can see the total number of GeoWorld accounts located on each area. To view more details about the contacts that interest you, click on the pins. In order to get the most out of GeoMap you need to update your account:

  • Update your location so the map can effectively pinpoint your current location
  • Add a picture (or logo for company/organization pages) to stand out
  • Add you current employment information (for individual accounts) in order to get found more easily by the right people
  • Use GeoMap to find interesting professionals, companies, organizations and case histories in your area, or the area you will be visiting.