GeoWorld allows you to minimize the time you spend in promoting your activities by giving you the opportunity to promote your latest professional news and activity and any other information you wish to share in no time.

You can do that in the most effective way by posting brief posts by simply clicking on the "Share Update" button on the activity page.

A popup window will appear where you can enter your post content and include if you wish photos or video as part of your post by clicking on the button "Upload photos/video". To complete the process, once ready, click on "Post".


Do you want to make a post as your company/organization page? You need to use GeoWorld as the page you administer. Learn how to do that here

Only five images can be posted at the same time and only one video per post. It is not possible to include both photos and videos in a single post. You will have need to create separate ones to achieve that.

Why post on GeoWorld?

GeoWorld gives everyone involved in the broader field of geo-engineering the opportunity to benefit from the continuous and interactive communication among colleagues, companies and professional organizations in the field. It revolutionizes the way information is generated and circulated since it is a well-established platform taking into account the discritization of its members' expertise enabling them to reach thousands of geo-professionals in their specific field.

What can I post?

  • Promote professional activities and events, such as a call for papers for a conference
  • Share your opinion on professional experiences you had, such as industry news, events you attended or plan to host, books and articles you read, etc
  • Post updates on your professional life, such as a change in employment, a search for employment, a publication of a paper, or simply that you plan to attend a specific event
  • Talk about new content you have created, such as publications, articles, webinars or videos, to attract attention to your work or company, and potentially generate leads
  • Announce new services, products or events you or your company are offering;
  • Ask people for feedback on a subject to induce two-way communication. They could give you ideas on your projects, help you test their effects and understand your audience better.

These are only a few examples of the type of information you can share in GeoWorld. The possibilities are limitless, this is why we advise you to read the posts of others as well and start interacting with them by commenting on their posts.

Including Photos

Including Video


By clicking on the red trash icon on the post media preview the item is removed from the media list for posting.