Uploading Files

With GeoWorld, you can add your own files, provide descriptions, add and comment on files. All these files become part of a very large GeoWorld database that is available to all GeoWorld members.

How do I add new files?

  1. Log into GeoWorld and click on “Files” located on the top navigation bar or alternatively go to your profile and click the “Files” Tab.
  2. Click on on the right top corner and fill in the blanks:
    • Add a tag on the “Tags” field to help others find these files;
    • Select who you want to be able to view these files in the “Select Who Can View Your Files” field.
  3. Click on “Add Files” and select the files you want to add.
  4. After selecting them, click on Add All”.
  5. Fill in the information for each file (Title, Description).
  6. Click Upload Files.
Your files are now added! You can see all your files by clicking on the “Files” tab in your Profile.


  1. You can add, edit or delete your files at any time by clicking on the relevant buttons in your profile “Files” tab.
  2. To view, download and comment on other members’ files
    • Click on “Files” and select the "Connections" Tab
    • Go to your profile “Files” tab and select "Contacts Files".
    • Go to your contacts' profile “Files” tab.